Can You See the Ten Dollar Difference?

A few of my friends have recommended the Hair Cuttery as the place to go for reasonable, quality hair care. Some of these friends are male, so they were not aware of your “long” hair policy. Therefore, imagine my surprise when I discovered H.C. charges $10.00 more for “long” hair.  Not only is this policy unfair to consumers, it is also discriminatory and sexist, not to mention out-dated.

First, my hair is just past my shoulders, hardly what I think of as truly long. In my opinion, long hair starts at the middle of one’s back and flows forth from that point.

Next, your policy is discriminatory and sexist because the vast majority of people with “long hair”—according to your company—is female. As females, why should we be charged more for having hair at or below our shoulders? What a ridiculous business model this is! Many of my male friends have hair that requires a precise, complicated cut even thought their hair is much shorter than mine. In fact, I can argue it is easier for a stylist to cut my hair than it is compared to others with shorter hair.

For instance, the day I had my hair cut at the Cuttery, a woman next to me had short hair; therefore, she paid $10.00 less than I. Yet she was in the stylist’s chair longer than I. On the other hand, my hair only required a few snips to trim my long layers whereas she needed a complex shaping that took far more time.

Finally, your company’s policy is outdated. When I was in your store, I felt transported back to the 1970s when sexism was at its peak. I haven’t experienced such a feeling of injustice for decades. The stylist felt badly for having to charge me more, too. Your company puts its workers in an awkward position; they realize how unfair and sexist your “long hair” policy is. In addition, most of your stylists are female. In essence, you are forcing females to enact sexist policies toward other females.

I guess I’ll continue my search for a new stylist elsewhere. With the $10.00 “long hair” policy, the Hair Cuttery franchise is just not competitive enough. I thought I’d save money by choosing your company, but I was wrong. 


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