Change of Pace

Just so you know, dear reader, not all of my tastes run to the light and fluffy side. I like nonfiction, too, including some history. Unfortunately, not all gifted historians are gifted writers, and many of us may recall the boring, torturous required reading for history classes. One historian who reverses the stereotype is Christopher Kelly. His books read like fiction (some argue that history IS fiction or, at best, a lie).

Recently, I read Kelly’s The End of Empire (2009), which focuses on the Roman empire and its encounters with Attila the Hun. It seems the origin of the Huns is a mystery worthy of any fiction writer’s imagination, and Kelly treats the race with a respect unusual to history’s past treatment of the so-called barbarians. Although I’m not a fan of war, Kelly’s unique focus on Attila and the tensions between empires “savage” and “civilized” makes for an enjoyable world history lesson.


About bedsidereader

I love books, animals, yoga, and writing. Learning new facts and information keeps me feeling alive. For as long as I could read, I have had books at my bedside. I started this blog to share what I read and to find out what others are reading.
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2 Responses to Change of Pace

  1. eof737 says:

    Did you read this for a class of for the sheer pleasure…? Stopping in to say hello! 🙂

    • Hi Eliz,
      I just read for pleasure and am using the blog to connect with other readers who share my interests. I finished my M.A. in English last spring and was an adjunct tutor for a university writing center. Unfortunately, the department’s funding dried up, so I am seeking work. As you know, it’s tough out there, so I’m trying to start my own tutoring/consulting business. Not being a business-minded person, it’s tough trying to find my way, but ultimately it is what I want to do.
      Are you an educator, freelance writer, or other type of creative soul? How long have you been blogging?
      Peace, Dot

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