Happily sidetracked once again for the best of reasons: more books and reading! I’m near the end of a good mystery right now called Trouble in Transylvania by Barbara Wilson (1992). I don’t know how this gal slipped by without me noticing her. Well, maybe because she is categorized as a lesbian writer. Gimme a break. I don’t care what a writer’s sexual preference is, or what their gender is for that matter. It’s just a good book. For one, the setting is Romania with a bit of Hungary on the side. One doesn’t often hear references to eastern european countries in “fun” reading, so this was a pleasant surprise. For another, Wilson sprinkles the story with little linguistic treats and throws in some history to boot.

Thus encouraged, I even unearthed an old copy of Bertilz’s Hungarian and have been trying my best to pronounce the Hungarian words Wilson uses throughout the tale. As a mystery, it’s not the most suspenseful or masterful one I’ve read, but I give this book high marks for its unique perspective on the genre. It’s not for everyone, but for us word nerds with an interest in history and Hungarian, this is a special treat.


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I love books, animals, yoga, and writing. Learning new facts and information keeps me feeling alive. For as long as I could read, I have had books at my bedside. I started this blog to share what I read and to find out what others are reading.
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3 Responses to Sidetracked

  1. eof737 says:

    Sounds like a terrific read… I love your blog and want to welcome you to the hop. Don’t be shy. Do visit some of the other bloggers and say hello. they will return the favor 🙂
    Thanks for linking up on the blog hop and see you soon. 🙂
    Have an abundant year!

    • Thanks for looking at my blog! Like so many others, I am feeling my way into this brave new world of the blogosphere. I want to share my love of reading and find other like-minded souls who may have recommendations for me in turn. An insatiable reader, I am open to suggestions in most genres in spite of my heavy focus on fictional mysteries lately.

      I was on Facebook for a while, but I started to dislike what I considered to be heavy commercialization. As a broke, wanna-be writer, I don’t need any more advertisements telling me what a loser I am unless I own the latest gadget. I believe I found my social outlet through WordPress.

  2. ElizOF says:

    Hello again,
    I could have sworn I left you a comment when I stopped by yesterday… I imagine you are enjoying Barbara W’s book… anything to do with modern day vampires? Anything with Transylvania in it makes me wonder.
    Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m sending out an email with a blogging invitation. Since you left me a comment, I have added you to it… please check you spam box if you don’t see it.
    Have a great day!

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