Nancy Drew Mysteries

Nancy Drew and, sometimes, the Hardy Boys  saved me during my tween years. Having moved to a new school in the middle of sixth grade, I felt lonely and awkward. The librarian of the small country school suggested the Nancy Drew series, and the books provided the escape and reading stimulation I needed.

As an older teen, I began collecting old editions of the series. The Nancy Drew collection was greatly enhanced when our neighbor sold me a box of them for a reasonable price. Although my collection is far from complete, I get a good deal of satisfaction from the ones I own. I still look for early editions when I’m at a garage sale or antique shop, but they seem harder and harder to find.


About bedsidereader

I love books, animals, yoga, and writing. Learning new facts and information keeps me feeling alive. For as long as I could read, I have had books at my bedside. I started this blog to share what I read and to find out what others are reading.
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One Response to Nancy Drew Mysteries

  1. Roberta Wallace says:

    Good postings Dot. I miss you.
    Roberta Wallace

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